Bhagvad Geeta in Hindi Poetry


Bhagvad Geeta Book in Hindi

 Geet-Geeta Book

   A translation of Bhagavad Geeta in simple Hindi poetry


  Author Dr. Lokman T. Gangotri
  Reference Sanskrit Bhagavad Geeta
  Published in 1988

GEET-GEETA is a poetic conversion of Bhagavad Geeta in Hindi by Dr. Lokman T. Gangotri. This Book contains 18 Adhyayas. It is an interesting & simple version of Bhagvad Geeta converted into Hindi Poetry


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Bhagvad Geeta Mp3 in Hindi



GEET-GEETA MP3 CDs (Times Music)

Lyricist Dr. Lokman T. Gangotri
Singer Shishir Parkhie

GEET-GEETA MP3 CD is released by TIMES MUSIC & it contains over 5 hours recording of all the 18 Adhyayas of Geet-Geeta


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About Dr. Lokman Gangotri:

Dr. Lokman Gangotri is a renowned Poet of Central India. His poetic work includes Geet-Geeta, Bhajans, Satires, Holi songs, poems etc. Dr. Gangotri has penned down more than 200 songs exclusively on Devi Mata, His poetic works have been published from time to time in leading Newspapers and Magazines.

He published the "Geet-Geeta" book in 1988, which is a masterpiece of Hindi poetic translation of Bhagavad Geeta and this book was highly appreciated by all the readers. TIMES MUSIC has also launched the MP3 Audio Album of "Geet-Geeta" in 2013.

Dr. Gangotri is a retired Professor of Surface Coating Technology with a Doctorate degree in Engineering and Technology.

Now, Dr Gangotri has started penning down the Hindi Poetic (Lyrical) version of the Ved Vyas Mahabharat named as "Geet-Mahabharat", which will be launched soon.




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A translation of Ved Vyas Mahabharat in simple Hindi poetry.
Author (Poet & Translator) : Dr. Lokman T. Gangotri
Reference : Sanskrit Ved Vyas Mahabharat
Status : To be launched soon
Description : GEET-MAHABHARAT is a book of poetic conversion (Lyrical) of Ved Vyas Mahabharat in Hindi by Dr Lokman Gangotri.


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